COVID19 Clinic Policies & Appointment Protocols

We are excited to see the transition of this global pandemic into an endemic, and are as eager as everyone else to return to normalcy; however until we are safely in a time without outbreaks and ‘surges’ we will continue to practice caution for the safety of our clients and staff. Our policies are essential to prevent staff outbreaks that may disrupt our ability to stay open and offer care to the community, as well as provide extra protection to select immunocompromised staff members and those with young children at home. As a healthcare facility we will continue to take the more cautious approach to reopening, but are just as committed as others to eventually return to normal. We are grateful for your cooperation, and we promise that our protocols will not impede your ability to seek care for your pet.


  • Our lobby is open to clients only, but limited to medication pick-ups or inquiries. All clients are required to wear face masks for entry into the building.
  • If you are unable or do not wish to wear a mask then we are happy to offer you a curbside appointment or pick-up at the door.
  • If you are experiencing any flu-like or COVID19 symptoms, we ask that you do not come inside and opt for a curbside appointment or an alternative person accompany your pet.

Please call or email us if you have any questions about our policies or procedures.

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