Online Pharmacy

All clinics cannot stock all medications available so we plan to partner with an online pharmacy to provide you instant prescription transfer, medications from an authorized pharmacy source, compounded medications, and to expand your available medication choices. Please check our website and social media for news on this partnership.

Human Pharmacy

In the case of specific diagnoses, your pet may be able to use human medications, and your doctor will be happy to provide you with a prescription to take to a local pharmacy. Please trust our judgement regarding when it is the right and wrong situation to do this – not all human medications are safe and effective in pets, and human pharmacists are not trained in veterinary medicine. They too, rely on your vet’s knowledge and judgement of safe prescriptions.

Other Online Pharmacies

We know that there are online pharmacies available to our clients and respect that many people must seek out the best price possible. We will always strive to be as competitive as possible with these pharmacies and appreciate when you choose to support our small business with your purchases. That being said, if you require a script for these pharmacies please let our staff know. Please be warned that online medication sales have been affected by counterfeit medications, expired products, foreign products not labeled for the US, as well as other horror stories. It is vital you choose a trusted online pharmacy, so please ask us for help. Even though we would value your business, we value your pet’s health and safety even more.