Raised in Lima, Peru, she attended an all-German school through every grade level as her German mother was a teacher there. She earned her veterinary degree from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, completing a now-internationally published thesis on Avian Newcastle’s Virus during her studies. She completed a surgical internship at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina, before moving to the US in 2010.

While working toward her US equivalency degree, Dr. Ventocilla became a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) at Northern Virginia Community College, and became Head LVT at a busy 6-doctor practice. It wasn’t long before she completed her American Veterinary Certification in 2016, and assumed the role of a veterinarian in the same practice. She really has worked in all positions in a veterinary clinic, not only developing a diverse skill set, but also empathy for the hard work that goes into all aspects of the clinic.

Dr. Ventocilla knew she wanted to be a vet as a young girl, spending long afternoons watching dolphins and other marine mammals from the sands of a Peruvian beach. In Lima, her compassion for animals drove her to advocate for the welfare and treatment of street dogs, and ultimately drove her into her veterinary career. Nothing captures her empathy more than the fact that she kidnapped the class goat, while in vet school. It was the night before her terminal surgery, so she sedated her, loaded her in the back of a compact car, and dropped her off at an animal sanctuary to live out the rest of her life. Years later, Dr. Ventocilla was made godmother of her baby goats.

Her fascination with dolphins continued, and brought her to Tampa, FL where she worked, rehabilitating and releasing injured or orphaned dolphins back into the ocean. Despite settling in Northern Virginia, and falling in love with the connection that people develop with their pets, she will always maintain her special connection to dolphins and the ocean, no matter the distance.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Ventocilla has a natural love and joy for all of her patients that can be seen whenever she enters the exam room. She is trilingual (English, Spanish, and German), and takes the time to listen to clients observations so she can really understand her patient. Professionally, she has developed a love for Surgery, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Preventative Care, and Shelter Medicine. She plans to use her love of Pediatrics, to make that nervous first puppy/kitten visit fun, confidence-building, and the beginning of a priceless bond.

In her spare time, nothing gives Dr. Ventocilla more joy than being a mother to her two girls. She is regularly looking up craft projects or adventurous outings (suggestions welcome) that she can do with them at the weekend. She claims to have an expert talent in finding the best deals amongst the racks at Marshalls, so if you see her leaving just turn around! She also enjoys keeping a playlist of latin music in the background, and can often be caught in a salsa step or two. She enjoys running, sewing, knitting, and lives at home with Dr. Robinson, their daughters Eliza & Emma, their yellow Lab Sophie, and two cats Alfie and Frenchie.