Surgical Suite

Our surgery suite is exclusive to surgery only, with limited staff access, and instrument pass-throughs, to keep the room as clean and sterile as possible. Our licensed veterinary technicians are all trained on anesthesia, and will be with your pet the entire time – from the beginning of sedated catheter placement to the moment they wake up and their endotracheal tube is removed. Our monitoring equipment ensures that at all times, your doctor and LVT know their blood oxygen levels, CO2 levels, respiratory rate, heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, and temperature. This level of monitoring allows us to place your pets safety above all else throughout the whole procedure.


If a surgery is requested or recommended your doctor will provide you with an estimate, including both a pre-surgical preparation (bloodwork, etc.) and a plan for the day of surgery. Our staff are available to discuss any questions and concerns, and will contact you shortly before your pet’s procedure to make sure that you feel comfortable and know how to prepare them.