What To Expect

If an Urgent Care appointment is requested and accepted, then it is at the doctors’ discretion if this will be seen as a traditional appointment or if we will ask you to drop your pet off. If your pet is dropped off, we can immediately triage & examine, providing us the flexibility to see your pet in-between our regularly scheduled appointments. We pride ourselves that your pet will be comfortable the entire time, and that we will communicate throughout their entire stay that day.

We apologize that we cannot guarantee that we can ALWAYS see your pet. Medicine is never predictable, and some days involve complicated appointments that require a lot of energy and attention from the staff. Even though we love your pet and care about their welfare, we must also acknowledge our limitations in order to ensure that our medicine remains up to our high standards.

Toxin Ingestion

There are times when our trouble-making pets eat something they shouldn’t. Our staff are trained in handling many common ingestions (chocolate, grapes, raisins, etc.) but we cannot know the dangers of all things around the house. In these cases we will ask you to contact ASPCA Poison Control Hotline before you come in – they have incredible knowledge of the toxins and harmful doses, as well as the most appropriate treatment. Please write down your case number if you come to the clinic for further medical help:

ASPCA Poison Control Hotline
(A consultation fee may apply)


After you explain the situation to a member of staff, we may recommend that the situation is severe enough, or requires highly specialized care that only an Emergency Hospital can provide. Here are our local ERs that we recommend contacting in this event: