Pediatric Services


Puppies and Kittens are vaccinated between 8-18 weeks, because this is the time that their mother’s antibodies are dying off, and their innate immune systems are not yet at full production.

Deworming & Fecal Testing

Unfortunately we see that deworming prior to adoption is not always done according to the most current recommendations, incomplete, or performed with dewormer obtained

Nutrition Counseling

Take one look at the pet store shelves and the diet choices are overwhelming. We are here to help you choose a diet with all the right qualities that suit both your and your new


Training is a common subject during our multiple puppy and kitten appointments. Our doctors will guide you, with the use of modern positive-reinforcement techniques, to tackle


Mosquito, Fleas, and Ticks will all feed on an animal no matter its age, and young pets are often at greater risk since their grooming habits are not yet developed. Most common preventatives

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is becoming a more and more common tool for families to mitigate the expense of accident and emergency events, and something that we highly recommend.

Spay & Neuter

Thanks to research studies in the last 10-15 years, the choice of when to spay or neuter your pet is no longer a simple decision. This is also why there is an overwhelming